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Ensure that the feedback report is downloadable when creating a new assessment in MPP. Under the dropdown menu in Settings/Test select 'Feedback report' for MPA and which norm you usually use. By doing so, you meet the minimum requirements for providing feedback to the applicant/candidate. Allowing the applicant to access their report is sufficient. This creates transparency in the process, which will be beneficial for you as an employer. The more transparency, the greater the opportunity to receive truthful answers from your applicants.



Here you will find a foundation to conduct a structured test interview together with a Feedback Report or Interview Guide: MPA Checklist. For a more thorough checklist including the definitions for each property box: MPA Checklist

Here you can find an overview of MPA Properties

You can also find a script to deliver an introduction containing all the necessary information to inform your test person.



In this video, we demonstrate how an MPA test interview can be conducted.